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Herb Spiral designed by Claudio
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Landscape Horticulture
Merritt College  
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The Greywater Guerrillas
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Spiral Gardens
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Ecological Design      
Landscape Design using Cad and 3D Photo Rendering
Use of California Natives, Mediterranean plants
Habitat and Rain Gardens
Urban Food Forest, Herb Spiral and Keyhole beds
Irrigation Design, Installation & Repair
Sprinklers and Drip Irrigation   
System Updates and Maintenance
Garden Maintenance Services
Complete Garden Management and Care
Use of Sustainable, Organic and Permaculture practices
Selective Pruning, Mulching,Water Conservation
One time job or regular maintenance
Soil Testing
Free Estimates
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Please contact  Claudio at  (510) 331-5640
sustainable landscaping
Certified Sustainable Landscaper